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Be part of it. If you want, it is free and without advertising or other additives.

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Easy & multifarious

With freisein you create your own space on the net with just a few clicks. Design the layout like you wish and create any areas.

The most important for you

At freisein quality counts, not quantity. it is innovative and has the essentials in mind. So you are the center again.

Safe & secure

Invite friends & strangers and set access rules. Activate a novel encryption that transferes and stores your data.


freisein is not interested in your personal data and doesn't share them. You just need a username and password for the login.


freisein operates exclusively from Germany with 100% renewable energy and stands for modest quality rather than unbridled growth. Only this is the future.


freisein doens't show advertising except on the homepage. Anyway it is for free of charge with all the features.


If you like freisein and use it regularly, you can contribute with an amount you find the right. If not, then not. Thus, the platform is funded and everyone is happy.
freisein loves security, privacy & transparency.
freisein loves sustainability, ethical values​​, justice and democracy.
Against greed, restriction & decadence.


Kaulartz Netzwerke
Im Hollergrund 7, 28357 Bremen, Germany

+49 421 70508917


The privacy policy of freisein are very simple: freisein does not want your data. freisein does not collect, process or pass on any personal data. Even your site usage is not analyzed or used for advertising purposes. What for, there's no advertising.

To use freisein, you only need a user name or e-mail address and a password to login. You can use your real name in your profile but you don't have to. That's all.

Your Data
The databases of freisein and all text, images and files that you save to the platform are stored in a data center in Germany. If you delete content, it will also be deleted physically from the disk.

When you are logged in, your browser (as with any login site on the Internet) transmits an authentication code on every page request, so the server knows that you are the one who makes the request. This code is also called a cookie, is about 60 random characters long and varies for each login.

Until you log out, your browser stores the cookie in its database, so you're automatically logged in when you load the page again. Once you log out, the cookie is deleted. Therefore, always do log out if you're using a PC that's not yours.

When you surf the Internet, your browser transmits its program name and version number, type of operating system, IP address, and a few other technical information on each page that you load. freisein summarizes these data and receives regular, anonymous visitor statistics to find out how many people with what Brower, operating system or country use the platform.

Most other sites on the Internet automatically pass this information and your surfing habits on to other companies for reasons of personal advertising or statistical analysis. freisein does not.


You are excited about the ideas behind freisein and want to build something creative and revolutionizing? As a writer, translator, iOS / Android developer, web designer, Linux SysAdmin, DB Admin, PHP/JS/$ developer or else - whatever it is, don't keep it to yourself - write to !